Listing Loader – A ‘First’ for the Australian Marine Industry!

Listing Loader is part of the Boat Deck platform of technology products (including Marine Websites) designed specifically for the marine market.

Listing Loader was launched in 2010 to save boat brokers, boat dealers, importers and manufacturers time and money when it came to adding, updating and managing their inventory online.

With an increasing number of boating classifieds websites available – the opportunity to get your boat listings in front of a rapidly growing online audience has never been better.

Unfortunately, more sites meant more listings to upload and manage – becoming a costly and time consuming exercise.

Until now!

Listing Loader enables you to upload your listings ONCE and have them appear on any or all of the boat classifieds websites you want. If you’re subscribed to those sites – your listings will appear automatically.

No more endless uploading of boats….

Listing Loader allows you to upload and manage an UNLIMITED number of boats from any computer with an internet connection.

Now you can really take advantage of the online advertising environment and get out there and do what you do best – sell more boats!

Listing Loader is a joint initiative developed by the team at Yacht and Boat, Agentpoint and Boat Deck.

We invite all reputable portals to join the Listing Loader project.   There is no cost to do so unless customised work is required.

If you have a website you would like to recommend for Listing Loader please send them the link to our LLXML information.

If you would like to subscribe to the Listing Loader service please CONTACT US today!